Step 2.

We have the power to change these farmers and their family’s lives. Something very simple we can do will turn their lives around. Now it is your job to find out exactly what this is. Instead of using books for your research, today you are going to use websites. It is important that you focus on the following questions in your research:
  • What is it?
  • Why is it not charity?
  • How does it change lives?
  • Who does it help?
  • How is it different from traditional trade?
  • What is the "social premium"?
  • Can I help too?
Clicking on the links below will bring you straight to the website. For the videos just click the triangle - this means "play". Remember it’s not charity so what is it?

Good Luck!

Link to PowerPoint 1: Click download  

Still a little unsure? These Videos should help make everything clearer!

Do you remember our character profiles from yesterday? 
Has your idea of Addae's life changed? Show me how in the next activity.Your task is to imagine Addae as the son of a farmer working for:

1: A FAIRTRADcompany
2: A Non Fairtrade company 

The type of company Addae's father worked for will have a huge impact on his life.  Make two character profiles to show this. Consider human rights, education, housing,cooking, jobs and free time.  

Open the PowerPoint document “Character Profiles” on your desktop.  Here you will find 2 slides each with the outline of a child and empty boxes. Click on the boxes to add your title and text. Good Luck


Don’t forget to “Traffic Light” this activity. Clicking on the traffic lights on the right will bring you straight there. Tick the box you feel tells me how your learning is going.