Step 1.

We are all connected
The World in your Shopping Bag

Let's Discuss!
  • Were you surprised to see where your food/clothes came from?
  • Why do you think so much of our food and clothing are and produced in the South?
  • Are these countries important to us? Why?
  • We depend on these countries for a lot of our food and clothing, can you think of anybody or anything else you depend on?
  • How should we treat people and things that are important to us? Why?
  • What sorts of food were produced in Ireland?
  • Do you think other countries depend on Ireland for these products? Why?
  • Can you describe a supermarket without the produce of these countries? Is it better or worse? Why? What would you miss the most?

The food we eat and the clothes we wear connect us with many countries around the world.  How else do you think your life and the life of a child in Ghana are connected?
In pairs, think about these similarities, differences and connections.

Teacher will record your ideas in the form of a character profiles one for Addae - a Ghanaian child and one for Paul an Irish child.  Watch carefully because you will be doing something very similar all by yourself tomorrow.

Think about it:
  • Which child would you prefer to be? Why?
  • Which child do you think has a better life?
  • Do you think all children in Ireland live exactly like “Patrick” and all children in Ghana like “Joyce”?Why? Why not?

Let’sTake a closer lookat the lives of these important farmers and their families who produce food like bananas, chocolate, coffee and oranges for us.

Is this how you treat people
who are important to you?