Step 4.

The Future of FAIRTRADE??
Click to enlarge the image and discuss the trends

Now you can see that we decide the future of FAIRTRADE. Let's make sure the future is BRIGHT. You came up with great ideas for things we can do to make a positive change so let's do them! Posters, t-shirts, letters, adverts, quizzes - there's lots to do to promote FAIRTRADE so let's get started. 
In pairs decide how you want to promote FAIRTRADE. Then scroll to the top of the page and click on your choice for further instructions. Good Luck
a) = Design a FAIRTRADE t-sirt
b) = Make a FAIRTRADE advertisement
c) = Create a FAIRTRADE poster
d) = Develop a FAIRTRADE "Who Wants to be a Millianaire" Quiz