Thanks for your EXCELLENT work so far
Unfortunately unlike you a lot of people still don't understand what FAIRTRADmeans. Perhaps if they did understand how FAIRTRADE changes lives, they would make better choices when shopping. To help everyone it is your important job to design a T-Shirt with a FAIRTRADE message. 

It's very simple just copy and paste the T-Shirt template into "PAINT" (Click Start, Programmes, Accessories to find Paint). Incase you forget how to use Paint here is a quick reminder. The A button will be important to add text.   

Think of the message you want to get across to the public.

Here's some examples to get you thinking.
Let's see what WILT thinks.

Ohh Both these T-Shirts have a clear Fairtrade message

The text is easy to read
You may like to copy and paste some of these images onto your T-Shirt. You will find more Fairtrade images on this Webpage.

Don’t forget to “Traffic Light” this activity. Clicking on the traffic lights icon on the right will bring you straight there. Tick the box you feel tells me how your learning is going.