Remember WALT and WILF??

Our two friends WALT and WILF are going to be with you every step of the way. Their job is to help you learn better. WALT is in charge of reminding us what we are learning, and WILF will show us how to be successful.
Uh Oh, just like in our classroom WALT and WILF get easily distracted. Remember when we found them in our drama corner pretending to be Elvis and Madonna. It was very funny but they have a job to do so keep an eye on them. Make sure they always tell you what you need to know.
Good luck everyone,
Miss Cumiskey.
Wherever you see this symbol there is a fact to found. Some of these may be shocking but you have the power to make a difference!!
This is another symbol you will see throughout you inquiry. It is very important because it will  give you tips and instructions on using your computer. Some of us have great computer skills but some of need extra help. So don't worry if you feel a bit lost. This little computer will tell you what you need to know.
How well do you feel
you got on during the Activity?
Just like we do in class, it’s now time to “Traffic Light” the activity you just finished.  Tick the box you feel tells me how your learning is going. Here’s a reminder of what each colour means:
GREEN:  Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy  - I achieved the WALT
AMBER:  Hmmm -  I’m not sure if I have achieved the WALT
Red: Uh Oh  – I haven’t achieved the WALT yet (More help is on its wayJ)

Help me teach you better!
Please add a comment telling me why you picked red/green/amber. This will help me be a better teacher.
I love getting feedback from you because it helps me reflect on my learning. Please use the “Two Stars and a Wish” assessment to do this. In case you have forgotten:
Two stars = Two things Miss Cumiskey did good
One Wish = One improvement Miss Cumiskey could make
Thanks 3rd class
Miss Cumiskey