Unfortunately unlike you a lot of people still don't understand what FAIRTRADmeans. Perhaps if they did understand how FAIRTRADE changes lives, they would make better choices when shopping. To help everyone it is your important job to make an Advertisement with a FAIRTRADE message.

"Hi" WILT, have you got any help us?

Yes, here are some examples of FAIRTRADE adverts. These should help you see what makes a good advert. These ads are made by professionals. It is their job to make ads like these. They may spend several weeks on one ad. So don't worry if you feel that this is going to be too hard. You will really enjoy it.  I can't wait to see your advert, I know it will be GREAT. 


Moving Images + Your Voice = Advert
Open "Windows Photo Story" on your desktop. From here you will be guided step by step until your FAIRTRADE ad is complete. It might seen tricky at first but you will soon get the hang of it. There is a folder "Fairtrade Images" on your desktop. Import the images you want from here, the coloured squares will be useful for writing text on. 

Don’t forget to “Traffic Light” this activity. Clicking on the traffic lights icon on the right will bring you straight there. Tick the box you feel tells me how your learning is going.