You have learnt so much about Fairtrade but unfortunately a lot of people don't understand what Fairtrade means. Perhaps if they did realise how Fairtrade changes lives they would make better choices when shopping. To help everyone it is your job Team Tea Leaves to design an informative poster about Fairtrade.
Whoops I almost forget to check in with WILF. Let’s see what he's looking for to make your poster a success!
“Hi everyone thanks for checking in with me I was just about to go swimming. I have an example of a poster here for you. Do you think it is successful? Can you think of two good things about it and one way to improve this poster. Click on the image to make it bigger
Now it's over to you!
Open the Microsoft Publisher Document on your desktop call "Poster Template"
Here you find a ready made template for your poster. Simply add some text and pictures and watch your poster come alive. Here are some pictures you might like to copy and paste onto your poster. 

Don’t forget to “Traffic Light” this activity. Clicking on the traffic lights icon on the right will bring you straight there. Tick the box you feel tells me how your learning is going.Please add some feedback to help me become a better teacher.